1. Payment Accessories

Wearable Payment Wallets

Acemoney has introduced its Wearable Payment Wallets brand Teora in 2022. We have made payment a style statement for our beloved customers. Pay using your ring, band, keychain etc. and enjoy the ultimate comfort of payments.

Upgrading to the stylish way of payment is so easy!

Step 1- Get your wearable wallet from Acemoney

Step 2- Download Acemoney Mobile App

Step 3- Enable the accessory

Step 4- Tap and Pay

2. Purchase Cards

Acemoney cards are your super cool partners for a happy and seamless shopping experience. Get it now and grab unbelievable offers at shops, bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets and hypermarkets near you.

3. Micro Insurance

Budget friendly micro insurance schemes are introduced by Acemoney to make insurance policies affordable to everyone. Our plans start from Rs. 1 onwards.